Monday, September 17, 2018

What we covered on 9/15/2018

Math -- check with your peers for the problem you'll need to solve by next meeting
Economics -- macroecon, GDP, read: The Wealth of Nations
Music - (listening3&4)
Art - Portable War Memorial, Marilyn Dyptick,  Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Zen for TV, Faith Ringgold's The American People Series #20 Die, Repetition Ninetten by Hesse.  We will continue the rest in two weeks.
Lit - Bob Dylan's "The Lonesome...."; analysis and connections between all 3 poems

reminder:  parent meeting on Wednesday 9/19 in Room 206 starting at 5:30.  Attend the 5pm presentation in the auditorium first then go to room 206 afterwards.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

SATURDAY 9/8/2018 ~What we covered


Dylan's "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall"
--thematic topics for writing an essay
--literary terms including - anaphora, refrain,
--SOAPSTone a poem

Reference to use for various forms of poetry:
Go to our google classroom for more links to read and review.

listening - Free Jazz

ART --
Black Market, Robert Rauschenberg, 1961

Collaborative slides -- Covered -

  • Floor Cake by Claes Oldenburg
  • Red Stripe Kitchen by Martha Rosler c. 1967-72
  • American People Series #20: Die by Faith Ringgold, 1967
  • Abstract Painting by Ad Reinhardt, 1960-61
  • Untitled (Stack) by Donald Judd, 1967
  • Wall Drawing I by Sol LeWitt, 1968

Combinations, permutations, factorials and how to solve them

REMINDER - CHECK google classroom for additional handouts and readings.

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall - Lyrics - Edie Brickell

Sung by Edie Brickell

Lyrics by Bob Dylan

Light Absorption, Reflection, and Transmission

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday 9/1/18 - What we covered

"Masters of War" by Bob Dylan 
--Scansion, analyze each stanza,
--literary terms: imagery, allusions (biblical, historical, literary)
--Thematic topics - betrayal, fear, sacrifice
--connections with soc sci

ART --
Alan Kaprow's art -- is this art

Flag by Jasper Johns

Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima 

Impromptu --
RR-B, CR, CW, AL good job presenting your impromptu speeches
Next week, another set of students will present

Keep on reading your resource guides!